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Everyone is Aging – Let DARTS Help

DARTS provides a wide variety of services to Older Adults and Caregivers. Not sure where to start? Take a look below at the services DARTS has to offer.

For more information on DARTS services, call 651-455-1560
or email us at info@darts1.org.

Find the DARTS Service that is right for you.


Caregiver Support

An outside voice can help navigate some of the unique challenges of caring for a senior and power you to enjoy your aging loved one.

Home Services

A little support can make a world of difference in an older person’s ability to maintain independence and enjoy life at home. DARTS staff can help with everything from changing a light bulb to cutting grass.


Being mobile in your community is possible with individual, group and circular transportation route options.

Service Navigation

The world keeps changing, and DARTS is here to help older adults navigate it. From navigating the community, to in-home or in-building support, to healthy aging programs, DARTS is here.

Healthy Aging

DARTS offers a variety of activities, seminars, and direct support to enrich the aging process. Find everything from discussing fall risks to Tai Ji Quan classes.

Assisted Grocery Shopping

DARTS offers free grocery delivery to house-bound older adults at no cost to the homeowner.

DARTS Loop Bus

The LOOP is a reliable circulator bus service with stops tailored to community needs that runs in different cities across Dakota and Washington Counties.

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