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Making Aging Easier

While the world keeps changing, DARTS is here to help. Whether you need assistance with navigating the community, support in your home, or assistance in your building, DARTS is creating connections that enrich aging.

In-Home Aging Guidance

As the world changes around us every day, it is hard to find what you need. We are here to be a resource, connecting you to your community and any assistance you may need. DARTS offers FREE resource guidance to Dakota residents ages 60+. Our service coordinators can help you identify the resources that you need to make aging easier. During a one-on-one meeting with one of our team members, they will help you identify the areas that you could use more assistance, share information about possible resources, offer emotional support, and assist with any applications.

Services can be challenging to navigate, and applications are sometimes confusing, but our team can alleviate the confusion. Whether you need assistance applying for county supports, or simply knowing which meal providers are available in your area, we are here to help. We can answer questions over the phone or schedule a time to come to your home and meet with you one-on-one. Call to schedule an appointment at 651-455-1560.

These services are funded in part by Dakota County.

In-Building Guidance

Service Coordination in Building

Besides scheduling an appointment for assistance, if you live in one of the Older Adult apartment buildings we serve (John Carroll, Nan McKay, River Heights Terrace, Dakota Heights, and Thompson Heights in South St. Paul; Haskell Court, The Dakotah, and Colleen Loney in West St. Paul; Parkview Plaza and Village Commons in Mendota Heights) we can assist you there directly!

Each building offers open office hours that are listed both in the building and in the monthly newsletter for building residents. The Resident Service Coordinators are also available during regular business hours to answer questions over the phone or schedule appointments.

Nan McKay and John Carroll Resident Service Coordinator: 651-216-5709

Thompson Heights, Haskell Court, The Dakotah and Colleen Loney Resident Service Coordinator: 651-334-8504

Dakota Heights and River Heights Terrace Service Coordinator: 651-234-2249

Parkview Plaza and Village Commons Service Coordinator: 651-373-6786

Healthy Aging Resources

DARTS offers activities, seminars, and direct support in a variety of ways, including:


FallsTalk is an evidence-based program designed for older adults who have fallen. This free program will help participants identify why they are falling and make changes to reduce or prevent falls.
Learn more by clicking the link below.

Home Modification

DARTS Household Repair Specialist provides safety modifications such as installing a grab bar, changing a threshold, or replacing a door handle. 

Want to learn more about this option? Click the link below or call 651-455-1560.

Tech Buddies

Tech Buddies pairs tech-savvy volunteers with older adults who need a helping hand. Receive support with your smart phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other technology. Stay connected and in-the-know. Sign up for free support!

FallsTalk is funded in part under an award with Trellis as part of the Older Americans Act.
Tech Buddies is funded in part by a grant from Minnesota Department of Human Services.

To learn more, call the DARTS Main Number 651-455-1560


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