“I need to take the car keys away from Mom.” 

Since our beginning, we have worked with communities to provide transportation for all neighbors. To this day, top-notch customer service is all hallmark.

Individual Rides

Individual Rides are a personalized door-to-door rides. We can transport you to any local destination or appointments. This  service is wheelchair accessible and has customized pick-up times. Personalized care attendants are welcome.

DARTS can transport you anywhere, including:

  • Doctor Visits 
  • Hair Appointments 
  • Sporting Events 
  • Church
  • Restaurants 
  • And more!

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Group Rides

Group Rides are designed to accommodate any group outing. A variety of buses accommodate as many as 20 riders with additional space for two wheelchair passengers to any Minnesota destination.

DARTS can transport you door-to-door anywhere, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Shopping
  • Casino
  • Sports or Theater events
  • Senior Center
  • And more!

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DARTS LOOP Transportation

The LOOP is a reliable, circulator transportation service offering scheduled stops that are tailored to community preferences. Flexibility is available for requested destinations near each assigned stop, called deviated stops. The affordable all-you-can ride fare (ranging from $2-$5 per city) allows riders to get on and off along the continuous, one-hour LOOP route.

Download a copy of the LOOP Schedules here:

Community Connector (Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul, West St. Paul, Mendota Heights)

Edina CloverRide

Hastings LOOP

Lakeville LOOP

Stillwater Area LOOP

West St Paul LOOP

Driver Training

DARTS provides hands-on certification for DARTS and outside organizations.

20 hours of driver training includes:

  • Passenger Assistance – 8 hours ($160)
    • Passenger assistance will cover vehicle operators’ responsibilities for assisting passengers. Our training ensures operators understand correct use of vehicle equipment for boarding passengers and have the ability to safely secure all occupants of the vehicle. Additionally, operators will master passenger assistance and wheelchair securement form start to finish.
  • Defensive Driving – 4 hours ($80)
    • Vehicle operators will learn defensive driving skills. The course will train operators to avoid distractions, identify hazards and prevent collisions. Operators will learn to anticipate dangerous situations and avoid the errors of other drivers, including in adverse conditions.
  • Maltreatment Awareness – 4 hours ($80)
    • Vehicle operators will learn to identify individuals considered vulnerable. The objectives include training for all individuals to recognize, report and prevent accusations of maltreatment or abuse.
  • First Aid Training, including Red Cross certification on First Aid – 4 hours ($80)
    • Operators will train in standard first aid skills including signs of medical illness and injuries that warrant a response, and instruction and practice assisting individuals who are ill or injured and when to call for additional assistance.

Additional one-on-one support offered: 

  • Pre-trip Preparation (Included in Passenger Assistance Training) – Variable
  • Behind-the-Wheel – Variable

A class must have a minimum of five driver participants.

All training is $20/hour per participant, unless your organization is registering more than 10 participants for the session.  If your organization registers more than 5 participants, the cost is $15/hour per participant.  All training is paid for at the time of registration.

Email Melissa Hansen to sign you or your team up. 

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