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A Note from the President

“Together, we can build a country that’s healthier, more resilient, less lonely, and more connected.” –  Dr. Vivek Murthy, May 3, 2023

The United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a new Surgeon General Advisory calling attention to the public health crisis of loneliness, isolation, and lack of connection in our country. This crisis has existed for decades.

DARTS began nearly 50 years ago, responding to a community need to provide older adults rides to classes at the new Inver Hills Community College. Fast forward 25 years, and DARTS added a Learning Buddies volunteer program to connect older adults with elementary students. Last year brought more new services such as Tech Buddies, which helps connect volunteers with older tech users, and the technology connects them to family, friends, and services.

Each year, at least 90% of DARTS clients say they feel less isolated because of DARTS support.

Your gifts celebrate our older community members. You helped combat isolation it was trendy. 

Your gifts are creating connections that enrich aging. Thank you. 

Tech Buddies Story

The DARTS Tech Buddies program pairs volunteers with older adults to offer technology assistance. Volunteers provide knowledge and support on everything from laptops to smart phones, televisions, and tablets. Common requests include voicemail setup, how to use smart TVs, printer troubleshooting, email assistance, and more. This program is designed for individual meetings between participants and volunteers, as well as scheduled group events for drop-in assistance.

Betty - Tech Buddy Participant

Betty spent most of her life in California and moved to Minnesota about 3 years ago. She and her husband both worked for AT&T before it was AT&T! Betty heard about DARTS transportation services first and began using them to get to and from her appointments. When the Tech Buddies program started last year, she signed up right away. She is paired with Susan who comes over once a month to help her figure out her computer.

Susan - Tech Buddy Volunteer

Susan has a background in finance and accounting, which are intrinsically tied to computers. Her background in technology even includes working with personal computers since their early days. She met our Volunteer Manager, Lindy, at a Burnsville Chamber of Commerce event. They got to talking, and when Lindy mentioned the DARTS Tech Buddies program, Susan was intrigued. She wanted to use the skills she has to help others, so she became a Tech Buddy volunteer! As she has volunteered, she has met Betty, and worked with her and her technology needs to stay about once per month. 

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