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Simple Steps for Giving a Gift of Securities to DARTS

If you would like to make a gift of stock to DARTS, we would be happy to provide stock transfer instructions to you. It’s a simple, straightforward process.

You can call or write to your broker and ask them to initiate a “broker to broker” transfer. You would instruct your broker to donate the stock directly to DARTS.

DARTS will provide you with the name of their brokerage firm, the brokerage firm’s DTC number, the account name and number, and the telephone number and name of their broker contact at the firm.

Your broker can then transfer the securities directly to DART’s account. It’s important that the securities be transferred to DART’s account prior to being sold in order to avoid capital gains tax.

Start your stock donation to DARTS by contacting Sarah Lindner at 651-234-2229 or sarah.lindner@darts1.org.

Your Vehicle

Gifting your used car is easy and tax deductible.

Drop off the below form along with the vehicle and title at DARTS in West St. Paul, and we’ll take it from there.

Vehicle Donation Form 

Becoming a Sponsor

Our community sponsors help make what we do possible. Events throughout the year put your support behind programs and people that get special recognition. 

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Hastings Memory Café
  • Heritage Lunch and Learn Series
  • Party It Forward 
  • Spring Breakfast Café
  • LOOP Transportation Services
  • Learning Buddies 

Heritage Society

Include DARTS in your estate plan as a legacy gift.

Join the 40+ people who have guaranteed the success of DARTS well into the future.

Leave a legacy at DARTS by remembering us in your estate plans.  


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