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Share your time and talents!

Volunteering has benefits to your community, your health and your mental needs. Hone your skills, gain confidence, and make a difference. 

Make an impact with one of these volunteer opportunities: 

Respite Visitor

In this program, individuals who provide 24 hour care for a loved one welcome a volunteer to receive a break. While the caregiver is away, the volunteer spends time providing company and ensuring the loved one is safe and comfortable.

Tech Buddies

Provide technical support to an older adult in need of assistance! Help with smart phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other technology. Keep our older neighbors connected to their friends, family, and the world around us.

Outdoor Chores

Support an elder neighbor in your community by helping take care of their yard. Whether it’s summer lawn mowing or snow shoveling, keeping up with your neighbors builds community.

Create a connection with students in local elementary schools! Volunteer 1-2 hours per week in an elementary school helping students with a variety of school topics.

Befriend an elementary student through the art of letter writing! Write monthly letters to your student Pen Pal and help them with their writing while creating unique friendships.


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