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DARTS provides hands-on certification training for DARTS and outside organizations.

To become STS (Special Transportation Services) certified, drivers must have 20 total hours of training every three years (excluding first aid, which needs renewal every 2 years). 20 hours of driver training includes all four courses.

DARTS courses are taught by Melissa Hansen, an experienced RTAP (Rural Transit Authority Program) instructor. Being 1 of 5 RTAP trainers in the state of Minnesota, Hansen is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Transportation for her qualifications in STS Training. This enhances DARTS programs with access to unique training materials and experiences. 

Check out our driver classes below and begin your journey to becoming a certified driver!

Passenger Assistance – 8 Hours ($160)


Passenger assistance will cover vehicle operators’ responsibilities for assisting passengers. Our training ensures operators understand correct use of vehicle equipment for boarding passengers and have the ability to safely secure all occupants of the vehicle. Additionally, operators will master passenger assistance and wheelchair securement from start to finish.

The first 4 hours involve in classroom training. The next 4 hours feature a hands-on vehicle experience.


Defensive Driving – 4 Hours ($80)


Vehicle operators will learn defensive driving skills. Also, the course will train operators to avoid distractions, identify hazards and prevent collisions. Operators will learn to anticipate dangerous situations and avoid the errors of other drivers, including in adverse conditions.

Defensive drivers may also earn a discount on their auto insurance premiums. Click here to learn more about the benefits of a defensive driving course.

Maltreatment Awareness – 4 Hours ($80)


Vehicle operators will learn to identify individuals considered vulnerable. The objectives include training for all individuals to recognize, report and prevent accusations of maltreatment or abuse.


First Aid Training – 4 Hours ($80)


Includes Red Cross certification on First Aid. Operators will train in standard first aid skills including signs of medical illness and injuries that warrant a response, and instruction and practice assisting individuals who are ill or injured and when to call for additional assistance.

First aid requires re-certification every 2 years.

Check out our Plans and Prices. We can customize too!

All TrainingGroup registration (5 or more)
$20 / Hour per participant$15 / Hour per participant
For more information and to customize classes contact Jan Hix.


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