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Calling all local digital artists!

Be a catalyst for change and celebrate the beauty of healthy aging
in our vibrant, diverse community!

Are you a local digital artist with a passion for making a positive impact through your art? We invite you to be part of an exciting artistic journey that goes beyond the canvas and onto the streets. Join us in transforming our community bus into a rolling work of art that will not only beautify our city, but also spread a powerful message of healthy aging and diversity.

Imagine your artwork traveling throughout Minnesota’s southeast metro, sharing stories of resilience, vitality, and the rich tapestry of experiences that come with age. Your art will touch hearts, inspire change, and bring our community closer together.

This is your opportunity to make a lasting mark, be recognized as a champion of healthy aging, and connect with a wide and appreciative audience. Let your creativity flourish and be part of a project that celebrates the art of life itself.

Please read on for more information and share this call with other artists you know. Please review all requirements and attachments before entering. We’re excited to see your artwork!


DARTS in West Saint Paul, Minnesota, along with its Art Selection Committee, invites local artists’ proposals for new artwork that will be prominently displayed on a bus wrap. The committee will collaborate with DARTS in the review and selection of the proposals. When a final proposal is selected, DARTS will work with the selected artist or artist collective in the production of the project, from technical development to engagement, per the terms of a written commission agreement. The goal is to install the artwork by March 2024.


DARTS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving older adults in and around Dakota and South Washington Counties. Our mission is to create connections that enrich aging, and it’s brought to life every day in an array of programs and services that work to address diverse local community needs and create a fulfilling aging journey.

When people hear of DARTS, they often think of our buses. DARTS LOOP transportation service helps seniors maintain independence and dignity, as they can get to the local grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, the YMCA, and medical appointments without having to ask family members or others for help. Many seniors rely on the service as their only form of transportation, as they may no longer drive or have family in the area. We not only connect seniors from place to place but person to person as well. The riders often meet friends while riding the loop — it’s like a small community on wheels.

DARTS, however, is far more than a bus service. We support seniors with many programs and services needed to stay independent, safe, happy, and healthy in their homes — including outdoor chores, home safety assessments, home repairs, light housework, social services, and caregiving resources. We also connect older adults to the community through volunteer opportunities like Learning Buddies, a tutoring program that promotes intergenerational connections with local students. Through all we do, DARTS works to transform the aging journey from a challenge into a celebration.

We are in search of an artist to bring our mission to life. We want to welcome and celebrate the diverse community we serve. For many older adults, DARTS makes it possible to live life the way they want.

Brand Guidelines and Tech Specs

DARTS is refreshing its brand in 2024, and we’d like the artwork to complement the new brand palette (below). Please note you are not limited to these colors, but we’d like to see them included in your design.

DARTS Colors include Orange (CMYK 0, 58, 100, 10; RGB 230, 96, 0; PMS 717 C; #DF7A1C), Sage Green (CMYK 26, 0, 10, 31; RGB 129, 175, 158; PMS 557 C; #7AD494), Forest Green (CMYK 85, 37, 95, 30; RGB 27, 112, 9; PMS 2273 C; #1B7009), Light Peach (CMYK 6, 22, 28, 0; RGB 240, 199, 184; PMS 489 C; #F0C7B8), and Charcoal (CMYK 0, 0, 0, 80; RGB 51, 51, 51; PMS 447 C; #333333).

The bus-wrap artwork will cover the back half of both sides and the rear of the bus, including the bumper. Click here to download a general schematic of the bus.

Note: The selected artist will work with DARTS and its graphics vendor to ensure the artwork meets all technical specifications for printing and installation.


Projects may be proposed by individual artists or a group of artists – in which case a lead artist must be identified with the application. Artists must be over age 18. Artists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Latine and/or LGBTQ+ culture are encouraged to apply.

Project Budget

The artist – or artist collective – selected for the commission will receive a total fee of $5,000, as outlined in the written commission agreement for the project.

DARTS and its in-kind sponsors will fund printing and installation of the completed work and plans to provide publicity and outreach, all per the written commission agreement.

Important Dates

November 10, 2024 Call to Artists Opens
January 15, 2024 Application Deadline
January 31, 2024 Selected Artist Announced
February 29, 2024 Final Technical Design to Printing Vendor
March 2024 Bus Wrap Artwork Printed and Installed
April 2024 Bus Wrap Artwork Unveiled

Artist’s Responsibilities

The artist or collective selected will collaborate throughout the project with DARTS. Artists’ responsibilities will be defined in a written commission agreement, which may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Before commission agreement is signed, working with DARTS staff and its commercial printing vendor to meet technical specifications for printing and installation to ensure the best possible application. Most communications and meetings will be handled via email or Zoom.
  • Following the signing of a commission agreement, DARTS will initiate the initial payment to artist. The commission agreement ensures that, upon completion of project, DARTS will make final payment to artist and obtain ownership of the image for a bus-wrap installation and other promotional materials and merchandise – e.g. photos, posters, t-shirts, etc. The artist is welcome to showcase the project in their portfolio. 
  • Adhering to established schedule and deadlines for the project.
  • Participating in one “Meet the Artist” event and a short video to be promoted on DARTS website and social media. DARTS will tag the artist on related social media posts.
  • Communicating regularly with DARTS staff as needed.

How to Apply

Individual artists and artist collectives meeting the eligibility requirements are invited to submit proposals to be included in the first round of consideration for this new project. Detailed application guidelines are provided below.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2024

What to Submit

Please send the following materials by email to marketing@darts1.org. If your application is more than 10 MB, please use a free document storage website, such as DropBox, then email your cover letter and the link to your application materials to marketing@darts1.org. All materials submitted will be used by DARTS and its Art Selection Committee for purposes of considering the proposal.

A completed copy of the one-page Cover Sheet & Application Checklist form, which can be downloaded here.

Include up to 5 images of your previous artwork in JPEG format. It is recommended that your images be roughly 1920 x 1920 pixels and no more than 1.8 MB each in file size.

Proposal packets should be in PDF format (8 ½ x 11 in.). Include all of the following:

  • Artist Statement: A description of why you are interested in the project, and your artistic approach. Limit 1,000 words.
  • Résumé/CV: Your current résumé or that of each artist involved, up to two pages per artist.
  • Image List: A description of each of the attached 5 images, not to exceed 200 words each. Number each JPEG to correspond with the Image List.
  • References: The names, email addresses, and daytime phone numbers of three references who can speak about your ability as an artist and as a collaborator.

Proposals should be in PDF format (8 1/2 x 11 in.), general in nature (for example, full technical specifications not required at this time), and not exceed 10 pages. Proposal must include:

  • A written statement describing artwork concept.
  • Illustrations or renderings of overall concept.


November 10, 2024 Call to Artists Opens
January 15, 2024 Application Deadline
January 31, 2024 Selected Artist Announced
February 29, 2024 Final Technical Design to Printing Vendor
March 2024 Bus Wrap Artwork Printed and Installed
April 2024 Bus Wrap Artwork Unveiled

Applications must be received by January 15, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted.

No, we are currently seeking local artists in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul and southeast metro area.

While artists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Latine and/or LGBTQ+ culture are encouraged to apply, any artist who meets the eligibility requirements may propose a project for this commission.

Artist collectives are welcome to apply; however, the commission payment amount remains the same whether an individual or group is chosen. If a group is chosen, one artist will serve as the primary contact; and all members of the group must agree to the terms of the written commission agreement.

The committee is composed of members of DARTS staff and Board of Directors, representatives of the Latine and LGBTQ+ communities, and bus-wrap printing and installation specialists based in the southeast metro area. The group will work collaboratively with DARTS to review applications and select the final proposal.

Please email your questions to marketing@darts1.org and we will respond as soon as possible.


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    Megan Kallestad is the Communications Manager at DARTS, a nonprofit in aging services. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Classical Languages from Gustavus Adolphus College. Prior to joining DARTS, she served as the Registration & Engagement Specialist at Fusion Learning Partners, where she accrued experience with events, building web platforms and forms, external reporting, and more. She loves using her creative side and detail-oriented side to bring together cohesive, informative, and well-designed marketing materials at DARTS. She resides across the river in Wisconsin, where she enjoys hiking, skiing, and cooking new foods.

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