“I wish I had known about ______ when my loved one got older.” 

Being a caregiver as a spouse, child, or friend of an aging adult can take a toll on everyone – your life is simply not the same. Because this can happen to anyone, access to information is key to navigating aging in a positive way.

Caregiver Counseling and Coaching

DARTS provides caregiver counseling and coaching to people caring for an aging loved one. This service allows for informal education and support based on your specific needs.

Through the guidance of a social worker, get expert direction on resources from planning options and decision-making to having challenging family conversations.

Family Meetings

It takes a village to provide support across generations. Family meetings bring family and friend support together and facilitates discussions about planning for the future of a loved one and the various care options available.

Respite Volunteers

Everyone needs a break from their responsibilities once in a while. DARTS strives to make that break
happen for family caregivers by offering in-home respite volunteers for up to four hours a week.

Compassionate, well-trained volunteers provide supervision and companionship to the person who is frail or ill,
so that the caregiver can take a break, knowing their family member is safe.

Let’s Talk About Aging

In this new video series by DARTS, Information and Resource Consultant Sandy Ostby will answer common questions with the help of our social services team and provide helpful examples and tips for older adults and caregivers. 

Thanks to support from the Minnesota Board on Aging’s dementia grant program, this series will also provide information on common challenges that arise when someone has dementia. These helpful 3-5 minute videos answer some of the most common questions we hear as aging experts.

Check out our newest videos!

Hastings Memory Café

Memory can be a daily challenge for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s and their care partners. That’s why DARTS created Memory Café, a safe place for those with memory challenges and their loved ones to connect with others in similar situations over coffee and treats.

“When you have memory loss or are caring for someone with memory loss, outings can be very challenging. Our Memory Café will provide a comfortable space to connect with others in the community.”   ~ Tabatha Barrett, Director of Social Services at DARTS

DARTS Memory Café meets in Hastings every second Thursday of the month from 10-11:30 a.m. at Hastings Senior Center (310 River Street, Hastings, MN).

For questions, call (651) 455-1560

Caregiving Support Groups

DARTS knows many caregivers and former caregivers need more support these days. We are here to help you on this journey. Click the link below to find a caregiver support group near you.

New virtual options!

Due to current health concerns regarding COVID-19, some caregiver support group meetings will be held remotely. Click here for more information.

To receive a Zoom or phone meeting invitation to a virtual meeting, please call or send an email to Vicki Patterson (information below) by noon of the scheduled date. You may also call with questions or caregiver support at any time.

Vicki Patterson (651) 234-2255 | victoria.patterson@darts1.org

Robin Forsythe (651) 234-2249 | robin.forsythe@darts1.org

DARTS Main Number (651) 455-1560

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